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Grassland wire mesh also named cattle fence mesh or cow fencing mesh , it used by farm or field. Grassland wire mesh uses best raw material , then weave by machine. It is very popular in Euro.

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Material: Carbon steel wire
Surface treatment:
Class A: Hot dipped galvanized hinge joint field fence(zinc coated:220-260g/m2)
Class B: Hot dipped galvanized hinge joint field fence(zinc coated:60-70g/m2)
Class C: Electro galvanized hinge joint field fence(zinc coated:15-20g/m2)
Characteristics of grassland fence:
1 high strength galvanized steel wire braid, high strength, large pulling force,can the fierce impact withstand cattle and horses, sheep and other livestock.Safe and reliable.
2 waveform net surface hot dipped galvanized, rust and corrosion, life of up to 20 years.
3 simple structure, convenient maintenance, quick installation, small volume and light weight
It is used in protection of cattle, goat, deer, and pig. For the intended use of grassland resources, improve the utilization rate of grasslandand grazing efficiency, prevent the degradation of grassland, protecting the natural environment. At the same time also applies with farming, herd residents to establish the family farms in the establishment of the frontier, farmland circlebar, forest nursery, closing hillsides to facilitate afforestation, and the hunting zone, the construction site isolation and maintenance.

1. Mesh spacing prevents animal from stepping through the fence.
2. Contains equine hitting without harming the animal.
3. Keeps the same shape after intense hitting by animal.
4. Mesh spacing prevents sheep and goat from stepping through the fence.
5. Easy to install on any kind of surface or terrain.
6. Long lasting.
7. Prevents wild animals and predators from entering the farm and attack the sheep.
8. Confines small sheep and stubborn goats.
9. Contains sheep and goat hitting without harming them.
10. Mesh spacing prevents sheep and goat from stepping through the fence.
11. Easy to install on any kind of surface or terrain.

  Type Specification Weight(kg) Edge wire diameter (mm) Inner wire diameter(mm)
1 7/150/813/50 102+114+127+140+152+178 20.8 2.5 2
2 8/150/813/50 89(75)+89+102+114+127+140+178 21.6 2.5 2
3 8/150/902/50 89+102+114+127+140+152+178 22.6 2.5 2
4 8/150/1016/50 102+114+127+140+152+178+203 23.6 2.5 2
5 8/150/1143/50 114+127+140+152+178+203+229 23.9 2.5 2
6 9/150/991/50 89(75)+89+102+114+127+140+152+178 26 2.5 2
7 9/150/1245/50 102+114+127+140+140+152+178+203+229 27.3 2.5 2
8 10/150/1194/50 89(75)+89+102+114+127+140+152+178+203+229 28.4 2.5 2
9 10/150/1334/50 89+102+114+127+140+152+178+203+229 30.8 2.5 2
10 11/150/1422/50 89(75)+89+102+114+127+140+152+178+203+229 19.3 2.5 2
Size Description Example:7/150/813/50 = 7 horizontal (line) wires, 150mm vertical wire spaces,  813cm fence height, 50m length fpr per roll.
Grassland Mesh 1
Grassland Mesh 2

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